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About Us  

California Fitness Fun (CFF) is a non-profit organization established to provide after school fitness programming for girls and boys. With the declining fitness levels of children there is a need for fitness programs that appeal to children of every level of fitness that focus on fun and individual achievement.

The goal of CFF is to reinforce the idea with children that exercise is fun and to build healthy habits that will last a lifetime!

Heartlight San Diego is a program of CALIFORNIA FITNESS FUN, a non-profit 501 c(3) organization that offers fitness programs for students. Our program is specifically designed for children of every level of fitness and athletic ability. Heartlight Aerobics offers boys and girls the opportunity to participate in a NON-COMPETITIVIE fitness activity where the emphasis is on fun and the individual achievement rather than “winning or losing.”

Most importantly, the boys and girls in Heartlight become Energized by Exercise!                           

Company History


We are Heartlight San Diego, a program of California Fitness Fun 501-c (3) non-profit organization. We are currently in over 100 elementary schools in San Diego County, however our goal is to be in every elementary school in San Diego! We want all children to be given the opportunity to be a part of our program. We have a passion, a need, a craze, a devotion, an eagerness and zest for fitness!

We wish to instill that drive for physical fitness in all the children of San Diego and California.

Children in the Heartlight program learn jazz, hip hop, and aerobic dance steps, practice listening skills, learn their directions right and left improve their ability to follow directions. There is mounting evidence that improving gross motor functions helps a child with such intellectual pursuits such as reading and writing.

If our program is not offered at your child’s school, please contact us so we can bring Heartlight to your school and help better the lives of children by teaching them healthy habits that will last a lifetime!

Company Awards

Nominee of the California Governor's Spotlight Award for Organization 2011
Nominee of the California Governor's Spotlight Award for Event of the Year 2011


What People are Saying:

"Mr. Kyle is freaking awesome, by the way!!! We loved his moves on the field and is spunky, happy attitude is so contagious! We're big fans of Mr. Kyle!"

"I wanted to share a great moment I had with my daughter Lexi;

We were in the car on the way to a Birthday Party this weekend. A song came on the Radio and she immediately started her dance routine in her booster seat. She did the whole routine (or at least what appeared to be a routine). I was so proud of her for a few reasons. Firstly, she remembered the moves! Secondly, that she felt the self -onfidence to dance and move to the music no matter who was watching. And thirdly, that she WANTED to move because she says it makes her feel good, and gives her energy.

At home we talk about eating right, and keeping active. But Heartlight has had a huge impact on bringing that message to her core. It was truly a great moment as a mother to see her enjoy being active and make the correlation between such activity and why it is good for her body.

Thank you Heartlight for offering such an amazing program to the kids of San Diego!"


"My oldest daughter enrolled in Heartlight at her school in San Carlos. She had so much fun - and learned a lot of dance moves. She was enrolled every session from first grade through 5th grade. Now my youngest daughter is in first grade and is enrolled - we plan to keep her enrolled throughout her elementary school years. She loves it too! As a family, we have had tremendous experiences with Heartlight. This is a great program with fabulous reliable and talented instructors. Every session the children perform in fantastic shows in Balboa Park, Qualcomm Stadium and also the San Diego County Fair. Heartlight is an incredible opportunity for children; if your school offers it - enroll your children - they will love it! It's also an incredible value - one of the least expensive after school programs and one of the best!"


"All 3 of my kids were in Heartlight at various times in their elementary school in La Mesa. They all loved it! We own about ten Heartlight t-shirts, all assorted colors! Their teacher for most of the time was Mary, she was great. The kids loved her (more than their own mother sometimes!), she was so fun and smiling - always positive. They learn lots of dances and get pretty good exercise. I didn't realize how much they learned until my youngest daughter started taking jazz dance - she already knew all the steps from Heartlight!!!
Heartlight is a fond memory for the whole family. We went to shows for all the kids at Qualcomm stadium where they danced during a half-time show, they also danced on stage at the Del Mar Fair. They were super stars! I was shocked when even my middle, quiet child, got up on stage and was all smiles. All the shows were free and Heartlight even paid for the student's and parent's admission. Heartlight is the best value of any of the extra-curricular activities my kids were involved in. I would recommend it highly for both boys and girls! The only thing I would change about this program is to offer it year-round. We miss it when it's "between sessions".