How To Sign Up for the Online Spring 2020 Session on

How to Sign Up On

California Fitness Fun- Heartlight San Diego Dance

Directions on How to Sign Up for the an Online Session on (Spring or Summer)


Step 1: Go to the Pre-Register Page of 


Step 2: Find your School and Director’s Teachable Link. 

Danny’s Link: 

Ryan’s Link: 

Kira’s Link: 

 If your school is not listed you can use this link: 


Step 3: Click on your Director’s Link, this will redirect you to for you to create an account.  


Step 4: Once on you will click Sign Up for Online Dance Classes button. Then input your information to join. 

1. Full Name

2. Email Address

3. Password, Confirm Password

4. Verify your not a Robot

5. Agree to Terms and Conditions. 

Step 5: Click on Spring or Summer 2020 Dance Session Course, then click the Enroll in Course button. 

Step 6: Then pay for your Session fee of $48, which includes all taxes and fees. 

Step 7: Log back in to your account on June 29th when the first Online Video Class is published for Summer. All Spring classes are already live so if you sign up for Spring you can instantly start dancing!







Step 1: Log into your account. 


Step 2: Click on the Heartlight San Diego Dance School


Step 3: Then at the top right hand of the page, click on All Courses. This will bring up the Summer Session. 


Step 4: Click on the Summer Session Image, pay for your course to enroll. 


Step 5: Sign Back into on June 29th when the first class goes live!


What Our Parents Say About Us

Thank you Heartlight for offering such an amazing program to the kids of San Diego

Happy Dad

Heartlight is a fond memory for the whole family. We went to shows for all the kids at Qualcomm stadium where they danced during a half-time show. They were super stars!

Happy Mom