Spring Session of HLSD classes will start; last week of April - 1st week of May, depending on school district calendars.



"The goal of CFF is to reinforce the idea with children that exercise is fun and to build healthy habits that will last a lifetime!"


California Fitness Fun (CFF) is a non-profit organization established to provide after school fitness programming for girls and boys. With the declining fitness levels of children there is a need for fitness programs that appeal to children of every level of fitness that focus on fun and individual achievement.

Heartlight San Diego is a program of CALIFORNIA FITNESS FUN, a non-profit 501 c(3) organization that offers fitness programs for students. Our program is specifically designed for children of every level of fitness and athletic ability. Heartlight Aerobics offers boys and girls the opportunity to participate in a NON-COMPETITIVIE fitness activity where the emphasis is on fun and the individual achievement rather than “winning or losing.”


We are Heartlight San Diego, a program of California Fitness Fun 501-c (3) non-profit organization.We want all children to have the opportunity to be a part of our Program. We wish to share our joy of dance and movement with all the children of San Diego..


Children in the Heartlight program learn: jazz, hip hop, and aerobic dance routines, practice listening skills, learn their directions right and left, improve their ability to follow directions. There is mounting evidence that improving gross motor functions helps a child with such intellectual pursuits such as reading and writing.

Heartlight San Diego Let's Dance


Nominee of the California Governor’s Spotlight Award for Organization 2011

Nominee of the California Governor’s Spotlight Award for Event of the Year 2011